Apocalypse in the rich — Where will the wealthy take refuge?

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13 min readJun 15, 2022

Millionaires around the world are spending crores on luxury shelters to ensure their survival in the event of a disaster. It’s not just about surviving, but living life to the fullest afterwards.

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Kitchen, dining room, living room, four bedrooms with separate bathrooms and five or six additional rooms that can be adapted according to your wishes. This is the standard layout of a two-storey apartment offered by Vivos. “Apartment” in this case is not quite an adequate term, because it is about a luxury shelter, located several dozen meters underground. In the gigantic Europa One complex, with a total area of 23 thousand m2, there will be 34 such apartments (each of 232–464 m2). In addition, there will be a common area, which includes a cinema hall, conference offices, swimming pool, restaurants, bakery, exercise room and even a wine cellar. The entire complex is protected against various kinds of explosions and radiation, and the entrance to it is guarded by huge 20-ton doors. It also comes with its own road infrastructure, helipad, private train depot and security. Shelter residents will also be able to count on fresh fruit and vegetables grown in special greenhouses. Their taps will be supplied with filtered water from underground tanks, and electricity will be generated by generators powered by renewable energy sources. Everything has been thought out in such a way that the bunker will be self-sufficient and will ensure the survival of its occupants for at least 365 days, until the situation on the surface settles down.

Vivos boasts that the constantly expanding Europa One, located in the German town of Rothenstein, can accommodate up to a thousand people. The cheapest places start from 40 thousand dollars per person (one-time fee), although it is known that in a facility worth over a billion dollars there will be offers worth ten times that. Is it crazy? Not at all. If there is demand, there is also supply.

A dozen or so years ago, it became fashionable among the world’s wealthy to buy places in luxurious…

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