Did Ancient Sailors Travel Farther Than We Knew?

Hundreds of amphoras were found in a wreck dating back several thousand years, discovered in the Mediterranean Sea, 90 km west of northern Israel. This is quite a surprise for archaeologists. Until now, it was believed that sailors of that time only sailed close to the coastline.

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4 min readJun 22, 2024
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The discovery was made by accident by a vessel belonging to the natural gas company Energean. The Israeli Antiquities Authority, which has joined the investigation of the wreck, has just announced the finding.

An Exceptional Wreck from the Late Bronze Age

“This is truly a sensational discovery. Only two other shipwrecks with cargo from the Late Bronze Age are known in the Mediterranean Sea — the ships from Cape Gelidonya and Uluburun. Both were found off the coast of Turkey. These wrecks were found relatively close to the shore and were accessible using ordinary diving equipment,” said Jacob Sharvit, head of the Marine Archaeology Department at the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

As the expert explains, until now, the prevailing view in academic circles was that long-distance trade in those times…