Epochal Faces: Unconventional Reconstructions Across Time

A Scottish museum has enriched its collection with new facial reconstructions. The protagonists of these digital portraits struggled with various diseases and dramas during their lifetimes. From pain to… murder.

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[Photo: Cicero Moraes, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Are we reverting to a time when images reign supreme? In a sense, yes. Emoticons have been a daily part of our communication for a long time now. The same goes for memes. The popularity of social media platforms such as photoblogs or Instagram also confirms that internet users are more easily engaged by visual content.

This trend is also evident in the world of science. For several years now, researchers have been increasingly presenting three-dimensional visualizations alongside descriptions of their discoveries. The digital reconstructions of our ancestors’ faces garner the greatest interest among specialists and enthusiasts.

Who do the new facial reconstructions depict?

The older the people being reconstructed, the better. Thousands of years are no longer a challenge for scientists and artists. However, age isn’t everything. Equally intriguing are the facial models of individuals with…