How to Get Rid of Microplastics from Tap Water? The method is simple and extremely effective.

Microplastics are almost everywhere now, a cause for concern for our health. However, we’re not entirely helpless. How can we rid tap water of plastic particles?

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Microplastic particles are present not only in seas and oceans but also in our bodies. Why should this worry us? Microplastics can release environmentally toxic substances, such as bisphenol A. These, when absorbed by human bodies, can lead to diseases including those of the hormonal and reproductive systems. Studies suggest that consuming microplastics may also affect the gut microbiome.

Method for Microplastics in Tap Water

Perhaps most concerning is that microscopic plastic pieces are even present in tap water. Contaminating particles in water pipes can range in size from one-thousandth of a millimeter to 5 millimeters. So far, only some advanced drinking water filters can catch them. However, researchers agree that we need simple and inexpensive methods to protect ourselves from microplastics in our daily lives.

One unexpectedly effective solution for purifying drinking water might be boiling it. Brewing a cup of tea or…