Is Plane Alcohol Hurting Your Health?

Alcohol and napping on a plane during a long-haul flight is not a good combination for our bodies. The latest research explains why the aviation industry should consider limiting access to alcoholic beverages on board.

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4 min readJun 10, 2024
[Photo by Pascal Borener from Pexels]

In 2024, hardly anyone doubts that alcohol is harmful to health. Scientific studies have confirmed this for years. They indicate that even moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages can promote the development of cancers. This affects not only older individuals. Another study showed that alcohol is more harmful to people under the age of 40. What about alcohol during air travel? Here, too, there is no doubt: drinking before or during a long-haul flight can have serious consequences.

Why is it not worth drinking alcohol before sleeping on a plane?

The latest study published in the medical journal “Thorax” explains how exactly alcohol affects the health of airline passengers. Unfortunately, a significant portion of travelers reach for a drink. Some drink before a long flight for courage. Others — to help themselves fall asleep. It turns out that sky-high naps under the influence pose a real threat to our health.