Macedonia — attractions of the Balkan republic of the sun. 5 things to see in North Macedonia

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6 min readSep 23, 2022

Picturesque mountains, charming lakes and Balkan hospitality. Every year, North Macedonia attracts more and more tourists from all over the world. Let’s find out how to organize a trip and what to see in Macedonia.

[Photo by Micko Damnjanovski from Pexels]

North Macedonia has been officially known by this name since 2019. This came about as a result of an agreement with neighboring Greece. The Greeks did not want to accept a neighbor beyond their borders that bears the same name as one of the Greek regions. Also at issue was which nation had the right to refer to the heritage and traditions of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia. This dispute, moreover, has not been resolved to this day.

Where is North Macedonia located?

North Macedonia is a small country. However, the small territory is full of attractions that are beginning to attract more and more tourists. North Macedonia is still one of the least “trodden” countries in the Balkans. It does not yet have a heavily developed tourist infrastructure. Instead, there are the picturesque Korab and Shar Pianina mountain ranges, the charming cities of Ohrid, Skopje and Bitola, the Matka canyons, national parks and some of Europe’s most beautiful lakes — Prespa and Berovo.

Until 1991, this Balkan country was part of Yugoslavia. Macedonia was the only one of the Yugoslav republics to gain independence without bloodshed. The country’s citizens and residents are extremely proud of their history and traditions. At the same time, they are hospitable and open-minded. More than half of the citizens are Macedonians, although many Albanians and Turks also live here. The official language is Macedonian, a Slavic language.

For many tourists, the most beautiful country in this part of the Balkans is Macedonia. The attractions of this country are presented below.

Skopje — [Photo by Micko Damnjanovski from Pexels]

How to plan a trip to North Macedonia?

When going to Macedonia, you need to show your passport or identity card upon entry. Although North Macedonia is not…