Necropolis Discovery: Ancient Warriors Found in Italy?

In San Giorgio Bigarello in the Italian province of Mantua, archaeologists have uncovered a necropolis from the Copper Age. In the 22 tombs located there, they discovered the remains of people, likely warriors, buried with high-quality weaponry.

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San Giorgio Bigarello is a small municipality located in the Lombardy region in northern Italy. It is about 130 km east of Milan. The municipality authorities commissioned construction work last year, so archaeologists routinely arrived at the site. Although interesting archaeological finds have been made in the region in the past, the results of the latest research surprised everyone.

Italian Copper Age Cemetery

Italian media reported that researchers managed to discover a large necropolis from the Copper Age, also known as the Chalcolithic or Eneolithic. This is one of the prehistoric epochs, which was a transitional period between the Stone and Bronze Ages. It was during this time that the first metal artifacts, mainly copper, appeared in human societies. Hence the name of the era.

“The discovery of a large Copper Age necropolis in San Giorgio Bigarello was surprising both in terms of the number of excavated tombs and the archaeological data, which may be very valuable for researchers,” scientists said in a statement. In total, archaeologists managed to identify 22 tombs.

Burials with high-quality weaponry

The first burials were unearthed in November 2023. Work continued in January and February, followed by the examination of the interiors of each tomb.

“These were not isolated tombs. In fact, they constituted part of a larger cemetery, the exact proportions of which have been lost over millennia,” scholars argue.

“In many tombs, there was a set of…