Ranking — The world’s most stressful airports.

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3 min readNov 28, 2022

Where are the world’s most stressful airports? A special ranking has been created describing airports where emotions often take over. Let’s check out in more detail what it looks like.

[Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels]

How to overcome the fear of traveling? This question is certainly asked by everyone who is going on a short or long vacation. There can be plenty of reasons for stress. Packing a suitcase at the last minute, a language barrier, a plane flight or a long layover are just some of them. Things are certainly not made easier by the fact that airports themselves and their operation increasingly leave much to be desired.

In order to avoid unnecessary excitement, Hawaiian Islands, a portal for direct rental of cottages in Hawaii, has prepared a ranking of the most stressful airports in the world. The authors of the list took into account the posted online opinions of passengers when compiling it.

“We studied Google reviews and ranked airports based on the percentage of reviews indicating the occurrence of stressful situations”, the site reads.

As noted, a total of more than 1,500 reviews of more than 500 airports around the world were analyzed. What are the conclusions? Detailed results to check out below.

Europe’s most stressful airports

In the top ten most stressful airports in the world, as many as nine are located in Europe. The undisputed leader was Manchester Airport. 82.5% of reviews of the UK’s third-largest airport (after London Heathrow and Gatwick), which handles nearly 30 million passengers annually, indicated that travelers were stressed. However, Britons have more to worry about, as the TOP 10 of the list also included London-Stansted (3rd), Luton (6th) and Bristol (10th) airports.

Second place in the infamous Hawaiian Islands ranking went to Nikos Kazandzakis Airport in Heraklion, Crete. One of Greece’s busiest airports received less than 8 million visitors in 2018. The podium is rounded out by the aforementioned Stansted Airport. The only airport from outside the Old Continent in the TOP 10 is Toronto Pearson International Airport in 4th position. This is all the more surprising because in 2007 the largest airport in Canada was named the best airport in the world by the British…