Tattooing — fashion or art?

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10 min readJun 28, 2022

Tattoos are no longer associated with primitive tribes, sailors, social margins or criminals. Although their implementation is associated with pain and can be harmful to health, currently this custom is experiencing a renaissance, and body decoration has become an art.

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Is the tattoo an expression of expression? Or maybe it is a sign of vanity or a momentary whim, following the fashion that can be changeable? Nowadays the demand for tattoos is created by stars, athletes and celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, David Beckham or Brad Pitt. But also Cher, Sean Connery, Whoopi Goldberg, Gerard Depardieu have tattoos. What about movie and stage stars! It is said that Albert Einstein himself had a tattoo, and King Frederick IX of Denmark had several — on his torso and arms. However, the real range of colors and patterns can be seen in MMA fighters and boxers, decorating their muscular bodies for the same purpose as warriors did in the past — to show that they are dangerous, strong and dangerous.

[Photo by Clem Onojeghuo, Pexels]

Whatever the motive behind getting a tattoo — to stand out from the crowd, to give oneself confidence, to leave an important date or name on the body as an emotional message — in Europe, such body adornment is not a religious or cultural imperative. It is a fashion that has already become a part of life in developed societies, becoming a norm, like owning a smartphone. Tattoo is a form of visual message, a manifesto contained in symbols, shapes and colors. It is also often an erotic element, emphasizing attractiveness when placed on the thigh, in an intimate place, on the arm or collarbone.

The designs and types of tattoos are too numerous to list. There are small designs, and there are multi-colored designs that occupy the entire surface of the back. Tattoo is also a symbolism. Popular in Central Europe are Viking patterns, primitive peoples and tribes of Aztec and Maya. Statistical tattooed person is young, from medium size city, rather poorly educated. Men tattoo more often than women. In the United States every fifth adult has at least one tattoo. It is estimated that worldwide the number of people with tattoos exceeds 200 million. Despite appearances rarely people visit…

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