These spider facts will change your mind about these animals. They’re fascinating!

Expert hunters, specialists in creating durable materials, and promising medicines. Spider facts show how amazing these creatures are.

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[Photo by Pixabay]

Through nearly 400 million years of evolution, arachnids have perfected the art of hunting. They’re natural-born killers — typically acting alone, with insects being their most common prey. They possess an exceptionally rich arsenal of poisons and can weave intricate webs from an extremely elastic and resilient material, stronger than steel, although mainly made of proteins.

Spiders’ ability to build bridges in the air has inspired us to invent superheroes like Spider-Man. Here are some selected spider facts.

Goliath birdeater — [Photo:, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons]

Nature facts about spiders

First, a handful of biology facts. They demonstrate how extraordinary spiders are.

  • What is the world’s largest spider? It’s the Goliath birdeater. Its total body length can exceed 30 cm.
  • The most dangerous spider in the world is considered to…