What Secrets Lie Beneath the Gulf of Mexico?

During the Ice Age, parts of what is now the Gulf of Mexico were land. However, the water level has risen significantly since then. Now, underwater archaeologists are trying to uncover the mysteries hidden in the depths of the sea.

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4 min readJun 28, 2024
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Archaeology is not just about excavation sites in the sands of Egypt or the farmlands of Europe, where most of them are found. Researchers of humanity’s distant past are also venturing underwater.

Underwater archaeologists conduct excavations in lakes, rivers, and also in oceans and marine bays. They use specialized equipment that enables precise excavations. This is also the case with the new project in the Gulf of Mexico.

Underwater Archaeologists in the Untouched Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

This is the first project of such a large scale in the Gulf of Mexico. It includes the coastlines along Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida in the United States. Experts from the Center for Submerged Landscape Research at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, along with institutions from the USA, including the Florida State University Center for the…