What stone fits you? — Properties of gemstones.

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6 min readJun 4, 2022

Gemstones are not just for decoration — according to some, they have magical significance and health properties. Wearing a ring or earrings with your favorite gemstone can improve your mood or… attract love and wealth to you. How much truth is in it? It’s hard to say, but it doesn’t hurt to find out, especially since jewelry with stones is in fashion.

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Properties of precious stones have been known for centuries. Particular minerals are attributed with magical and health significance — for example topaz is supposed to counteract depression and cure migraines. So by choosing a particular stone, you can influence your well-being, but that’s not all. According to some sources, gemstones can help you achieve your goals, influence your mood (for example, calm you down or, on the contrary, boost your energy) or help you with personal development.

Necklaces, rings and earrings with colored stones enliven your style and can beautifully accent your eye or hair color. And maybe they will help you find love or get a raise at work…? It doesn’t hurt to find out. See the meaning of each gemstone and which one suits you.

Gemstones — topaz

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Topaz helps fight depression, fatigue, headaches, relieves diseases of the digestive system and helps lower blood pressure. It adds courage in dealing with others, enhances expression, increases persistence and consistency in pursuing goals.

For whom: Keep it with you if you want to become more feisty and sociable. Topaz will also help you if you dream about achieving a goal but you spend too much time fantasizing instead of mobilizing yourself for action.

Gemstones — amethyst

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Purple amethyst is called the “stone of harmony and relaxation”, so it will work well in treating insomnia and relieving symptoms of stress. It helps to deal with mental tension, trauma and bad emotions.

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